Monday, October 1, 2012

September 2012

After recently watching a lecture on TED, I became inspired by what one could accomplish in 30 days. I have embarked on a new theme for Ways of Seeing Monthly that will now be a composition of monthly photographs taken day by day. It has forced me to carry my camera at all times and it has allowed me to look closer to the fine details of life around me.
01 September
02 September
03 September
04 September
05 September
06 September
07 September
08 September
09 September
10 September
11 September
12 September
13 September
14 September
15 September
16 September
17 September
18 September
19 September
20 September
21 September
22 September
23 September
24 September
25 September
26 September
27 September
28 September
29 September
30 September


  1. My favorite is Oh STOP It, but of course my favorite little goat makes me smile as well. Great job!

  2. beautiful work there kevs. love them all, love the goats (i really want a goat, but it has been vetoed) love the tactileness of the people in your shots, and the bar and eateries: makes me want to go there oh stop it indeed :-) and where on earth is that piano?