Thursday, August 23, 2012

July 2012

July: I witnessed aircraft that amazed me, historically both in craft and in skill. To watch the Vulcan fly so gracefully was ironic to some degree because of what it symbolically stood for to those involved with it in combat. I found myself removing the elements of war, tactics, and bombing and instead found the Farnborough air show as "show" of engineering, passion and flight. What it must feel like to be a pilot... I will only dream about. The Olympics were equally exciting. I was lucky enough to witness day 1 of the athletics and wandered around the stadium in awe of these athletes who too know how to fly... The month ended photographically as Blackheath village gathered to watch the fastest man on the planet run yet again, to hold his title until Rio...


  1. i loke thon one with the jets in formation the best. Great job!

  2. beautiful!!!!!! Love you love you oh woman of amazing ways of seeing :-)
    from christina