Monday, May 2, 2011

April 2011

The thought of another photographic journey seemed to be a good theme once again. So on I went, an adventure into London with Alex. This month's entry is a narrative that started with clear skies after a rainy night and then noticing a sunny reflection on the ground of our roof terrace. I spot our new friend hiding in the bushes, so thought best to leave her safe. We set off with a walk through Greenwich Park. A contest soon began between us, on who could spot the SHARD building first. Whoever does, the loser buys the first round of snorts. A pit stop through the beautiful Painted Hall, then a boat ride up the thames. (The SHARD is a very imposing building by they way, and it is now seen as far as Kent.) I took photos to document a stage of its development, then on to Borough Market to pay a visit to our favourite beer stall where we discover that they sell Saranac Adirondack lager! The snort is decided. So we carry on with our snorts to find many treats, the most exciting being a monster plant that eats rats. In anticipation we visit the Hunterian Museum and then it pleasantly ends with the sighting of one of Space Invader's graffiti work.

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