Wednesday, July 7, 2010

June Blog 2010

" If I were writing the story of your life as a fairy tale, the current chapter would be filled with enchanted events. You would hear animals thoughts in your head and you would remember your past lives. You would be able to find accurate oracles in the shapes of clouds, the ringing of distant bells, and the patterns of shadows on sidewalks, you would see the help that is invisible to everyone else and know what to do in order to get the love you want. Take advantage of the available, use it to set people free, including yourself."

That was my horoscope for the month of June, this is my blog of June... called Up The Hudson. Going from New York City up to the Adirondacks following the trail of the Hudson River.

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  1. my favorite is the one with the four guys standing on the sidewalk.
    great job!