Tuesday, March 9, 2010

February 2010

The photographs below are inspired by the idea of a door to door documentation of my route to work. This selection was photographed on 1 roll of film / 33 exposures. I had this desire to capture the things I see everyday and the things that I found beautiful on this path that either has been walked or biked for the past 6 years. Because my shop has closed down, I wanted to share it with my viewers as it has been one of the loveliest routes I will ever know...


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  2. aww, it is lovely karyn. R.I.P snappy snaps! i'm not sure why, but i think my favorite is the pic of the patchy sidewalk

  3. awwww... I HEART the London trees... theyre so animated and beautiful... i wish flowers were growing here... like tulips and daffodils and springy thingys!